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How to integrate Amazon Seller Central and Xero

Amazon seller central integration using A2X

Did you know there are several apps you can use to sync Amazon with Xero to get a better snapshot of your revenue, profit, and cash flow numbers? 

This can also help you streamline your bookkeeping and accounting as you grow your business.

1. What’s Xero’s Amazon Seller Central integration?

Integrating Amazon Seller Central with Xero helps ensure you are up-to-date with your sales, inventory, as well as in control of your finances as you grow your business. The mobile apps allow you to monitor your business anywhere. 

You’ll also have a view of your financials with Xero’s online dashboard so that you can keep track of the financial information most important to you and your business. You can reconcile your Amazon transactions, manage your cash flow, and sync your inventory between Xero and Amazon.

Accurately tracking your sales and costs per sale can provide insight into your revenue and operating costs. As a third-party seller on Amazon, you’ll also need to keep an accurate account of fees to ensure your financials are up-to-date.

2. How to integrate Amazon Seller Central and Xero

Here are two popular ways to integrate Amazon Seller Central with Xero.

1. A2X

If you are looking to integrate Amazon with Xero and have a moderate to high volume of monthly transactions, we recommend using A2X.

A2X for Amazon works with Amazon marketplaces around the world. This integration allows you to automatically post your sales and fees to Xero and reconcile your settlements each month, saving you time. You can have the system automatically pull out fees, adjustments, and refunds in Xero to save you time and reduce input errors. 

To integrate A2X for Amazon with Xero, you’ll need a Xero account and either an A2X account or to start a trial. 

To start, connect your A2X to your Amazon marketplace by selecting the option to ‘Continue with Amazon.’ This step allows A2X to pull settlements from any marketplace in one region.

Connect Xero to Amazon seller central

Select Xero as your accounting system

Xero amazon integration using A2X.

Then, create your account and tax mapping, so imported information arrives coded and ready to reconcile and customize other options to suit your needs. You can set the accounts in the Accounts and Taxes tab in A2X.

How to let A2X create accounts:

You can create accounts in your accounting software from A2X as suggested by A2X:

2. Zapier

Xero amazon integration using Zapier.

Amazon seller central integration using Zapier

An alternative solution is to use Zapier to automate and streamline your accounting workflows. This is a more duct-tapped approach, and might be better for smaller FBA sellers.

For example, you can set up Zapier to create Xero invoices when a new Amazon order occurs. This automation will ensure Xero is up-to-date without you needing to enter invoices manually. You can integrate the programs without needing any coding experience.

To get started with the integration, you’ll need to sign in and authenticate Amazon Seller Central and Xero. 

You’ll then pick the app you want to be selected as the trigger to start your automation process. 

Next, you’ll select the resulting action you want the other app to do based on the trigger. 

Then, you’ll select the data you would like to send from one app to the other. 

If you would like help, or to discuss how intergrating Xero and Amazon Seller Central can benefit your business then don't hesitate to contact us. We are Amazon Accounting and eCommerce specialists.