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New Zealand GST Calculator

Use one of our GST calculators to find GST inclusive and exclusive prices, or the correct GST content of a product or service.

NZ GST Calculator - Add GST

NZ GST Calculator - Subtract GST

How much is GST in NZ?

GST is charged at a rate of 15%. It is a tax added to the price of most goods and services, including imports. 

How to calculate GST?

When adding 15% to the price it is relatively easy, just multiply the amount by 1.15.

For example, $100 x 1.15 = $115. This is the price inclusive of GST.

Reverse GST calculations are more difficult.

To figure out how much GST was included in the price multiply the GST- inclusive price by 3 then divide by 23.

For example, $115 x 3 / 23 = $15

To work out the price without GST you have to divide the amount by 1.15

For example, $115 / 1.15 = $100

Need help?

Check out our article GST Explained for more information on GST.

Or if you would like some help with meeting your GST obligations please don’t hesitate to contact us.